Magnificent Oval Diamond Sold at Auction

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In October 2013, the largest D Flawless diamond was sold at auction. A 118.28 carat, Oval shaped, D color, Flawless diamond was sold at auction for $30.6 million which shattered The Winston Legacy record.  The Winston Legacy is a 101.73 carat Pear shaped, D color, Flawless diamond, that sold for $26.7 million in May 2013. To date, here are the Top 5 Largest D Flawless Diamonds that have been sold at Auctionn: – The Mouawad Diamond: 101.84 carats, Modified Pear shape, D color, Internally Flawless. Sold for $12.8 million in 1990. – The Star of Happiness: 100.36 carats, Rectangular...

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Yellow Gold is Back!

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  This summer has shown a multitude of many different trends in the jewelry market, but one statement that has made a serious come back is yellow gold jewelry.  We are seeing it everywhere!  From large yellow gold hoops, to wide gold bangles, to chunky thick gold necklaces.  There are many new pieces that are being seen with ornate engravings and unique uses.  For example the ring bracelet, double knuckle rings, as well as stackable rings, and layered necklaces.  The rich yellow gold color is matched nicely with summer tans and colorful dresses!  It always fun to see a classic come...

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Allow Me To Introduce Myself…Jourdan Block, Gemologist

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Hello, my name is Jourdan Block and I would like to start my new blog by explaining my current situation.  I am presently a GIA student in the process of completing my Graduate Gemology degree and thought it would be fun to essentially create a blog to highlight my learning experiences as I journey into the jewelry industry.  I have recently opened a jewelry salon, SHR Jewelry Associates LLC,  with my partner who, unlike me, has nearly 40 years of experience in the industry.  My knowledge is being molded from many various resources and I like to think of my experience as being similar to...

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