How To Choose The Most Beautiful Engagement Ring

Discover which type of ring will best fit their personality and style!

How to choose an engagement ring

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it means you might be considering buying your loved one an engagement ring. We are excited for you and your future, and are here to answer all of your most pressing engagement ring questions.

We know it can be overwhelming to begin this process. From the diamond to the setting, there are so many options to consider. So how do you choose a ring that is truly expressive, and a perfect match for the beauty you see in your loved one?

They say you can’t buy love, but we think you can get pretty close. Read this engagement ring guide for help choosing something that will suit them perfectly.

Here's How to Choose an Engagement Ring
Step 1: Questions for You
Choosing a diamond engagement ring

We think this process starts with a bit of inspiration, so we’re going to answer your questions with more questions. Thinking on these can help you start imagining and planning. You don’t have to do all of them, just jot down whatever comes to mind. Then, move onto our engagement ring ideas to see what stands out!

What was it that you first noticed about your partner?

When was the first moment you realized you loved or had feelings for your partner?

What color are their eyes?

What are some of your partner’s most enchanting personality traits? (Are they bold and daring? Elegantly traditional? Quiet and humble? Charming?)

What kind of textures, colors, and shapes do they surround themselves with?

What is their favorite thing to do? (Hike outside, go dancing?)

How often do they wear jewelry? (Is it subtle and infrequent? Or do they have an overflowing jewelry box?)

Visualize their favorite jewelry to wear.

Visualize how they decorate their room.

Think about their style— both their everyday way of dressing and their going-out vibe.

Think about their formal style. What’s special about it?


Nature-Inspired Engagement Ring

Maybe your partner hikes in the mountains to clear their mind, and camping is their favorite vacation. Maybe your favorite memories together involve sitting under a quiet tree, watching the sunset. The setting on this ring draws its inspiration from the wild, beautiful movement of calm streams, the caress of wind, and growing trees. You can also see the tiny diamonds sprinkling it like drops of rain or lily pads, or even those tiny flowers that grow along branches. The diamond itself reminds one of a fairytale, a sweetly bezeled radiance that remains humble in its charm. A surreal and dreamy atmosphere can emanate from a nature-inspired engagement ring.

Ornate Engagement Ring

Does your partner dream in satin? Do they have an exquisite eye for detail or surround themselves with mementos? Fit for royalty, both the shank (the outer edge of the setting) and the prongs of this ring are wreathed in diamonds. The preciousness of an ornate ring is in its fine workmanship and uniqueness. Every minute characteristic, every small flashing diamond, of an ornate ring can hold meaning for the person you love. You can customize an ornate ring as much as you’d like, from the setting to the diamond, including selecting a quality gem whose sparkle will be surrounded by emphasis.

Contemporary Engagement Ring

Does your partner love classic films and jewelry boxes with velvet lining? Perhaps they adore collecting special, yet perfectly wearable pieces, and staying in tune with modern-day culture and couture. A contemporary engagement ring is a wonderful fit for a sophisticated and fun-loving personality. The gems in these rings are oval-cut. The first is embellished with a diamond halo, and the second a lovely double halo. The diamonds are held tastefully in place by prongs of differing styles.

Minimal Engagement Ring

Simplicity never goes out of style. A minimal engagement ring can be sweet, understated, and a pleasure to slip on every day. Whether your partner is a lover of delicate, effortless jewelry, or you simply want to let a stunning diamond shine on its own, the right minimal ring can strike a perfect balance between distinctiveness and charm.

Rose-Gold Diamond Ring

Rose-gold is pink-tinted because of the artful addition of copper alloys. It is popular for practical reasons like being pretty on all skin tones, but also for more elusive reasons like its mythical association with warmth, mystery, and decadence. The ring may feature a balanced rose gold, a deeply tinted pink, or the slightest blush of copper. A rose-gold engagement ring can be both modern and unique, both timeless and striking.

Sparkling Cushion Sapphire Ring

Is your partner a lover of colorful detail and bold fashion expression? This cushion-cut sapphire engagement ring, besotted by diamonds on either side, features a blue gem that would look beautiful with any number of wardrobes and styles. Celebrate your partner’s special charm with a colored stone that veers away from tradition and embodies a uniquely classic style of excitement and beauty.

Vintage Engagement Ring

These vintage engagement rings boast fairy-tale scrolls and diamond-encrusted filigree. Whether your partner collects dresses from decades past, wears shoes that came straight from the 70’s, or simply loves the timeless aesthetic of other eras, a vintage ring can be selected or a vintage style designed for anyone who adores visiting antique shops.

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Please note, it is possible for us to customize any ring to resemble something you’ve seen and loved. Describe your vision to us in words or with a picture, and we’ll help you design or discover the perfect engagement ring for you or your partner. We will also gladly design the wedding band according to your preferences!

We hope you have achieved a slightly clearer idea of what you’re looking for. Come chat with Denver’s most trusted diamond expert, who has 40 years of experience helping people choose the perfect ring.

Call today to set up an appointment, or for your free phone consultation: (720) 379-6505.


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