How To Come Up With Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas

Creative marriage proposal ideas

Looking for creative proposal marriage ideas? Here are six steps to the perfect idea!

We know it can be very tempting to look for unique ways to propose over the Internet. But you know what she will love even more? A marriage proposal that’s unique to you, and to the special relationship you two share.

You may be wondering just how to come up with something that expresses how you feel about her, without being unbearably corny. But romance is just putting time and thought into your gestures. Corniness is a matter of taste!

You may have already sat down to ponder your proposal, and failed to come up with anything that really clicked. Coming up with a brilliant idea off the bat isn’t necessarily easy. So how can you prepare your mind to land on that perfect idea?

We're confident these tips will help you switch your imagination into high gear, boost your natural brainstorming abilities, and come up with a proposal that’ll remind her why she would marry you in the first place.

1. Quiet your thoughts.

Outdoor marriage proposal ideas

First, prepare your mind by clearing it. Maybe you aren't practiced in clearing your mind, so to speak. It's time to focus. Get rid of all distractions. Turn your cell phone off. Clean your apartment. Do your dishes and put away your shoes if you have to. What makes you feel at ease? What makes you feel at home in your mind?

Follow that instinct, and grant yourself some time to clear the voices in your brain. This way, great ideas can enter into the new space.

2. Listen to ambient sounds.

Did you know that a sustained background noise can aid creativity and productivity? Natural sounds, city sounds, white noise, and various frequencies can be utilized as creative boosters.

So sit down in a dim place (which has also been proven to aid creativity), put your headphones on, and play ambient sounds. It'll help drive away anxiety, racing thoughts, and self-judgement while you prepare to brainstorm unique proposal ideas.

3. Take deep breaths.

Breathe with your marriage proposal idea

Conscious, slow, and deep breathing is shown to decrease anxiety and increase self-awareness. This is the simplest tool out there for getting down to the creativity of your mind.

Try this breathing exercise:

1. Sit up straight, with your feet on the floor.
2. Push your shoulders back and down, away from your ears.
3. Take one deep, slow breath lasting eight seconds.
4. Hold it for five seconds.
5. Release the breath slowly, for five seconds.

And don't count too quickly!

Repeat three times.

4. Let your mind wander.

Out of this world marriage proposal ideas

When does your mind drift off the most? Try this phase during that time, like early morning or late at night.

The connection between daydreaming and the imagination is somewhat obvious, but perhaps you didn't know that a wandering mind is such fertile land for thinking up new ideas.

Here's where you can let yourself think about absolutely anything. Maybe even doodle a little bit! You're loosening the mind so it can access its creativity.

5. Create constraints.

What are you waiting for?

Constraints can, paradoxically, engage creativity even more than boundless space!

One way to begin is to time yourself. Set an alarm to go off in 5 minutes' time.

More importantly, now that you've created the space, it's time for you to express your needs.

Write it down: I, [name], need to come up with the perfect marriage proposal idea for the love of my life, [name].

Then brainstorm away! The ideas might take just a moment to start flowing.

If this doesn't work the first time, try taking a 1-minute break and then trying again.

6. Think about your partner.

Be together forever

If you reach the end of this process and you still haven't landed on that one perfect idea, you may need some more specific guidance.

Try writing about your loved one instead of coming up with an idea right away. Take a look at some great, personalized questions on our blog post, How to Choose the Most Beautiful Engagement Ring.

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