The Latest on Diamonds

As of this week, diamonds seem to be on the move across the globe.  Whether raising money for new mines, surpassing sales expectations for the quarter, or finding new ore, the world is loving diamonds. As for late, Firestone diamonds has raised 6 million dollars for redevelopment at its flagship mine in Lesotho, Africa, and seriously expects to increase production. Rio Tinto’s second quarter rose an astonishing 47 percent, with growth driven by higher grades in ore processed in its …

Yellow Gold is Back!

  This summer has shown a multitude of many different trends in the jewelry market, but one statement that has made a serious come back is yellow gold jewelry.  We are seeing it everywhere!  From large yellow gold hoops, to wide gold bangles, to chunky thick gold necklaces.  There are many new pieces that are being seen with ornate engravings and unique uses.  For example the ring bracelet, double knuckle rings, as well as stackable rings, and layered necklaces.  The …

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls

Pearls are often seen as special occasion pieces, but can easily be incorporated into everyday wear, without taking away the mystique of the beautiful gem!  There is a lot to know about pearls but here are a few steps that will help: 1.  SIZE- a pearl’s value is often dependent on size, with larger ones being more valuable.  The classic size is 7 mm.  Larger pearls are typically produced by older, more mature oysters. 2.  SHAPE- how round the overall …

Diamonds, Gems and Jewelry- Summer Trends

After returning from the JCK jewelry show in Las Vegas, it was obvious that new jewelry had arrived for the summer.  Although diamonds were abundant, and clearly a stable part of the market, gems had made a significant impact.  The newest designs being sliced rubies, sapphires, quartz, tourmalines, and almost every gem you could think of.  These sliced gems were then strung into earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to form beautiful pieces of jewelry.  My new favorites for the summer!  

Spring Jewelry

With the beginning of Spring, I love seeing the fun new pieces that come onto the market.  This year I predict a lot of turquoise jewelry!  The color is amazing and vibrant, and breathes fresh air into the season!  Though, of course, diamonds are always a must, and never go out of style!  We have many new diamond hoops that are sure to look amazing with anything and everything.  Whatever you needs for the Spring may be, we are always …

New York Finally

I have officially, and successfully, completed both my Gem Labs!

New York Pt. III

March 25, 2013 Walking the streets of New York’s diamond district on 47th Street is possibly one of the most incredible things as an aspiring gemologist. To see the countless diamonds glittering the window panes, the gems sparking, and the gold blinging makes me extremely excited, as I imagine the role I hope to play in the industry.

New York Pt. II

Well, it’s official; I have successfully completed Gem Identification

New York

Arriving in New York, I embark on the final portion of my gemology courses, Colored Stone Grading and Gem Identification.  It is a segment I am eager to learn about, as gems posses so many unique, interesting, and varying traits from one species to the next. With such a large and differing range, gems are both plentiful, yet rare in many instances and to various degrees.  With an open mind and a thirst for knowledge, I look forward to next step in becoming …