Diamond Broker Services

At Steve Rosdal Diamonds, we offer the exclusive experience of meeting one-on-one with a diamond broker and jeweler whose experience spans 40 years.

We understand there are often strong emotions associated with selling your pieces, and we strive to help you make an informed decision. We pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity, and history, and wish to share our knowledge with you.

We also encourage you to get appraisals from a variety of sources, as we’re confident we offer some of the best prices in the industry.

We offer discreet consultations and immediate cash payments.

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What We Buy

We buy and sell jewelry, diamonds, estate goods, and precious metals. We specialize in both large liquidations and individual pieces. If you are unsure of your item’s value, our professionals can appraise the piece for you.


We purchase 1.00 ct plus diamonds, including engagement rings and loose stones, as well as wedding bands. We are also prepared to source specific diamonds or jewels at your request.

As expert consultants, we can review your purchase as a neutral third party, and will consider buying from you at a credit.

Estate Goods

We will help evaluate family heirlooms, old pieces of jewelry, or simply items that are collecting dust in your jewelry box. We have exclusive contacts across the country that specialize in estate purchases, and can offer insight on specialized items. We also purchase select pieces.

Precious Metals

We gladly purchase gold, silver, and platinum. With minimal overhead cost, we aim to pay close to current market value.

Confidentiality Guarantee

All transactions are completely confidential, and handled in a timely and professional fashion. The decision to make a final sale is the decision of the jewelry owner.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free evaluation.

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