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At Steve Rosdal Diamonds, it’s our aim to streamline your experience so that choosing a diamond is as exciting as the person who brought you here.

We know your loved one is one-of-a-kind. With our intimate knowledge of fine jewelry, we can assist you in designing something just as unique. We want to help you create a ring that will light your loved one up by reflecting the beauty you see in them. In addition, we have the lowest prices of our competitors, and won’t be undersold.

Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed by this process— we’re here to help you generate ideas and narrow down your choices. We provide an intimate setting so you can be sure of an unrushed, professional, and discreet experience with a private jeweler and diamond broker. With 40 years of trust behind our name, we have experience accomodating a wide range of tastes, personalities, and budgets.

Consulting is a conversation. We treat everyone with patience and respect. We’ll talk about your budget, your preferences, and your loved one’s aesthetic as we explore options. We’re here to educate you, give you ideas, and form a foundation of trust so you can fall in love with something elegant, distinctive, and affordable.

You probably have some questions, like: Where do I start? What color diamond should I get? How do I judge a diamond and its value?

How it Works

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Choose Your Diamond

When you’re here, you can expect to learn about what makes a diamond special. You’ll learn about the 4 C’s— color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.

Color determines how close to colorlessness a diamond approaches; the less color, the better.

Cut is the diamond’s shape and overall proportional balance. A good cut can give a diamond that dazzling, perpetual sparkle.

Clarity refers mainly to the blemishes or lack thereof in the diamond, allowing it to gleam and show off its inner and outer beauty.

Carat Weight is the standard unit of weight for diamonds. We will determine the weight that works for you while taking all of the above into consideration.

Having industry connections across the country allows us to provide you with the highest quality, certified loose diamonds at fair, affordable rates. Some of our diamonds have been purchased at estates or from private sources.

Typically, every diamond we work with comes with a GIA certification, meaning its characteristics and quality have undergone evaluation and have been carefully documented. The GIA is the most highly respected gemological research institute in the world. Their grading standard is used worldwide.

With a sense of who you are, and who the wearer is, we can weave an intelligent path to the heart of their needs. If you’ve seen a photo that’s inspired you or your loved one, please feel free to bring it in so we can make it a reality.

Select Your Mounting

The right ring setting can illuminate a diamond’s true beauty, like turning on a lightswitch. You can describe what you’re looking for and we’ll match it— do you want small diamonds on the sides? Are you looking for something bold? Delicate? Trust us to help you find the mounting that will astonish your loved one.

If you already have the ring and are considering a band, we can help you with that, too. We can also make sure the ring and band fit comfortably together on the finger.

Trust and Flexibility

We conduct our transactions with honesty, integrity, and empathy. There are never any hidden fees.

Since we are also a broker, it is fairly common for us to purchase diamonds or fine jewelry at a generous credit to your final purchase.

We also ensure flexibility by offering a wax version of your ring, so you can test how it feels before making a final decision.

Get in Touch

We want to help you create something you’ll both treasure for the rest of your lives. To set up your private, one-on-one experience, call (720) 379-6505 and make an appointment.

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