Frequently Asked Questions

What is a diamond certification?

A diamond grading report or diamond quality certificate is a printed report that states the features and the value of the diamond. The certificates are issued from the most trusted and credible Gemological Testing Laboratories, which dictates the industry standard. GIA is the most reputable of the various certifications and the one we work with most here at Steve Rosdal Diamonds. A GIA certificate is unique for each diamond. It is important to keep the certificate for further references to maintain the value of your diamond.

Do you supply wholesale diamonds? Are you a wholesaler?

We consider ourselves an established and trusted diamond broker. We have done business with jewelers all over the world. Based on our extensive knowledge over the last 40 years of working with diamonds, we can assure you that you will find our prices to be competitive for what is unmistakably high quality.

Can you make a setting to fit a stone I already have?

We can provide or create a custom setting to fit a diamond or gemstone that you already have based on your specific needs.

How long does the process take?

It depends on the client. Sometimes, we find just what the client is looking for right away, and other times it takes a few rounds of conversation, selection, and refinement of the search. We’re happy to invest as much time as needed to find the perfect stone.

Once a stone has been selected, we custom-make the engagement ring we’ve helped the client design. Typical production times are about 2-3 weeks, but this can vary widely depending on how elaborate the design.

We recommend that we start production 4-6 weeks before a client wants to propose, to allow us time to correct anything about the ring that isn’t 100% perfect before the big day!

How much can I expect to pay?

We work with clients with a wide range of budgets. We’ve worked with budgets from less than $2,000 all the way up to the million dollar mark.

Do you offer layaway or financing?

Yes. Regardless of your budget, we recognize that this purchase can be an investment. We offer layaway, typically paid in three installments, if requested.

What is your Return or Exchange Policy?

We want you to be happy first and foremost. We recognize what a huge decision this purchase can be, which is why we offer one-on-one consulting before making a sale. In the rare case the recipient is not satisfied, we will work with you to apply the value towards an alternative item.

What if I don’t order the correct size ring?

Rings can always be resized up or down. However, please take into consideration that finger size can fluctuate a half size from summer to winter. There will be no additional costs for the first round of resizing.

How often do you replenish your inventory?

We replenish/add items to our inventory on a regular basis. More importantly, with our exceptional business rating and rapport with other diamond brokers, we can locate a diamond that matches your request in size, shape, clarity and color instantly.

Do you sell other gemstones as well?

Absolutely. As with white diamonds, we can locate any color sapphire, pearls or gems that you desire.

Do you have a consignment service?

Absolutely. We understand that sometimes there is a need to part with a former engagement ring or family heirloom. After assessing the piece we will let you know if we believe there is a market for resale. If so, we work closely with a variety of brokers, jewelers and clients who see value in your unwanted jewelry. We do add a finder fee to the sale price.

Do you sell conflict diamonds?

We comply with the Kimberly Process and do not deal in conflict diamonds knowingly. The Kimberly Process is a UN Mandated International Certificate program aimed to prevent the trade in conflict diamonds or blood diamonds. In every effort, we are committed to the highest grades and quality with ethical standards.

What aspects are covered in your warranty?

Our warranty covers services like cleaning and prong tightening for the life of your item.

Do I get an appraisal with my purchase?

Yes, we supply a hard copy appraisal for insurance purposes with each purchase.

Do you have parking?

There is metered street parking. We also have access to a nearby lot. Feel free to call the number below for details.

What are your hours?

We are set up by appointment only to ensure that each guest is given our undivided attention. You can schedule online or call (720) 379-6505.

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